We are a Father & Daughter family run business based in Quarry Bank in the heart of the West Midlands.  We traded for many years from a craft centre in the Staffordshire countryside until moving recently to Wales where we traded for 3 years and have now relocated back to the Black Country.

Here at Lou Lou and Jim Jams Toys we love wooden traditional toys.  Our range is researched and tested for its educational, durability and fun factor by our own toy testers 'Lou Lou' and 'Jims Jams' who were joined last year by the new business recruit 'Tommy'.  

As the Father of children/Child of the 70's we were disappointed with all the plastic throw away toys on the market when Lou Lou and Jim Jams were little and myself and my Daughter searched for educational, durable and fun toys for them to play with.  We found wooden toys with modern twists and we knew we was not alone in searching for the right toys to enrich their lives.  

Our family business started 13 years ago by attending craft and gift fayres in the Midlands, Staffordshire and Cheshire and after a couple of years we opened a shop in the Staffordshire Countryside.  We moved to Wales and opened retail premises there but due to family commitements have now moved our retail premises back to the Midlands.  We love when children came in to our shop and play.  Parents say 'don't touch' but what we want is for children to enjoy learning through play and for them to find the right toy for their personal develpment.

Lou Lou and Jim Jams are now 14 & 12 but still come to trade shows with us to test the toys.  Lets face it, modern children know what they like and our newest family member Tommy is starting to join them by testing toys now he has just turned 4.  
All 3 thoughly enjoy their work and have helped to develop our business in to what you see today.